How to build the perfect six pack – tips and tricks

By on October 4, 2016

Check out the tips on how to make your abdomen stand out and get the ideal body shape

The six-pack abdomen, desired by men and liked by all women can be difficult to obtain or maintain, as men are not always familiar with the best exercises to train their abdominal muscles. Our suggestions will help you improve your daily routine and get the fit body shape you’ve always wanted.

The six-pack is actually a single muscle, also known as the rectus abdominis, extending from the ribcage to the pubic bone. Strong abdominal muscles are vital for performing dynamic moves and preventing back pain or work-out injury.

Therefore, you should aim for the perfect abs for something more important than the aesthetic reason: to be healthier, stand taller and enhance your daily performance in anything you do.

More is not always better

If you are not satisfied with how fast your muscles are developing, the reason may be that you are trying too hard and burn them out. The key to building perfect abdominals is not in the repetitions of the exercises, but rather in the resistance. If you’ve reached the point where your muscles have stopped growing, try increasing the resistance by adding weight when crunching, not the number of reps. Keep the reps fairly low and the results will start showing sooner than you might think.

Watch your daily diet
Another reason because your six-pack might be less visible is due to the layer of fat that covers them. Abdominal fat or the presence of internal organs fat usually makes the muscles be less defined. So, if you want to be the proud owner of the perfect abdomen, lower your overall body fat percentage and be careful on your daily diet. Moreover, add more squats and dead-lifts to your routine to begin burning calories.

Exercise examples
Crunch, reverse, oblique and crossover crunch, knee raise, plank, side plank, bench leg raise, jacknife, seated Russian twist or barbell roll-out are just a few examples of how to get the long-desired abdomen appearance.


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