Sahaja Yoga – learn to meditate and seek new energies

By on October 4, 2016

Transform both your body and mind with the help of awakening yoga relaxation techniques

If willing to enter the state of “thoughtless awareness” to cope with the daily fast paced rhythm in our society, yoga might be just the perfect solution for you.
As more and more people nowadays try to achieve their spiritual ascent and “self realization”, Sahaja Yoga helps repressing fear and anger, while helping trainees connect with their inner balance and peace, throughout a joy and contentment feeling. Through meditation, people choosing Sahaja Yoga can experience the state of “mental silence” to cope with different levels of stress in their daily lives and release accumulated tensions.

How to empower your mind?
True meditation is a state of deep peace, calmness and silence, yet your mind remains completely alert and fully aware of the surroundings. Also known as “thoughtless awareness”, the meditation state happens when the energy passes to the 6th chakra into the seventh chakra, named Sahasrara.

As the mind fills with silence, the inner Self becomes more present and manifests through our bodies (usually through the palms of the hands or at the top of the head). It is believed that this natural and spontaneous phenomenon allows the trainees to connect with the Divine. The first experience of this kind of meditation is called Self Realization.

Yoga – a simple way to have a joyful life again
If you are a yoga enthusiast you already know that as your inner state re-balances, a huge wave of energy comes into your life, just as your innate virtues get fed. The enhanced self experience help seeing things more clearly and better understand the human nature and the surroundings. Moreover, Yoga communities are recognized to be more compassionate and very patient with people around them.

If aiming to release tensions and dissolve anger, fear, guilt and worry taking toll over your life, Sahaja Yoga gradually teaches you how to attend superior states of being and build up better inner connections. To acquire a deep knowledge of yourself as well as to deeply feel the positive effect meditation can have, check out the Sahaja Yoga classes in your town and experience your true relaxed inner self.


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