Wild Raspberry Ketone – the healing powers of nature

By on September 14, 2016

A natural flavor conditioned into an exclusive dietary supplement addressing healthy weight-management and metabolic improvements

Rubus idaeus, also known as the red raspberry or European raspberry is a red species of berry native to Europe and northern Asia. Cultivated in temperate regions, red raspberries are perennial fruits with a sweet, very aromatic taste.

Behind the unique raspberry flavor stands a very special compound called raspberry ketone, a natural phenolic substance that, besides its many beauty and cosmetic uses, also helps dieters manage their weight and more effectively use energy at the same time.

The secret behind Wild Raspberry Ketone extract

The natural formulation of this organic dietary supplement contains ingredients that lead to a better management of extra-pounds.

The raspberry ketone found in red raspberries is particularly used in the food industry, due to its scented and unique aroma. Besides its spice uses, the substance is considered to be a useful aid in fighting weight gain, accelerate hair growth, or increasing lean body mass.

By increasing the levels of adiponectin hormone, the raspberry ketone regulates metabolic rates and helps the dieter control blood sugar levels. As metabolism increases, so does the lypolisis process, so the way the body stores fat deposits is changed. This results in higher amounts of energy to burn during the day. The key qualities extend to liver protection and less adipose tissue stored around main internal organs.

The Wild Raspberry Ketone natural ingredients formulation

The Wild Raspberry Ketone combines natural Raspberry Ketones with Green Coffee beans extract, in a blend that boosts weigh loss efforts and protects the entire system against the damaging action of free radicals.

Containing no fillers, binders or artificial preservatives, the organic Wild Raspberry Ketone helps:

  • Enhance the body’s fat deposits management rate, so that adipose tissue to be easier converted into energy
  • Increase adiponectin levels, for higher metabolic rates
  • Boost nor-epinephrine hormone levels, for a more accelerated lypolisis process
  • Control appetite and emotional eating
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Raise energy levels

By combining Raspberry Ketones with the powerful anti-oxidant effect of natural Green Coffee extract Wild Raspberry Ketone’s formula can also increase stress endurance. By taking 2 Wild Raspberry Ketone capsules a day, while following a smart diet and efficient exercise plan, dieters can now be one step closer to their weigh loss goal, as well as to a healthier body.



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